Primary Program

Ages 3 - 6 Years

  • Teachers

    Our lead teachers are Montessori trained and devoted to the process of helping children foster their independence and nurture their love of learning.

  • Environment

    Following the same structure of the Toddler level, the environment of the Montessori Primary community is also beautiful and orderly. As with all Montessori environments, it also contains furniture appropriate in size for children, according to their age, with furniture and materials made of wood or other natural substances. Typical of Montessori, the outdoor environment includes materials and activities that help the children develop coordination, equilibrium, and strength.

  • Curriculum

    The Primary level curriculum focuses on the following developmental areas:

    • Everyday Living Skills
    • Sensorial-Sensory Training
    • The Montessori Approach to Language Arts
    • Montessori Mathematics
    • History and Geography
    • Movement / Music
    • Science and Nature
    • Art
    • Bible
    • Leadership
    • Three-Year Learning Cycle
  • Atmosphere

    Children in the primary program have what we call a “living classroom.”  The children evaluate and choose their activities from open shelves and work in distinct work areas – on tables or on rugs on the floor. As time passes, the children develop a “normalized community” working with high concentration and minimal interruptions.

  • Parent Partnership

    Parents are key to their child’s learning.  We encourage open communication with teachers, and daily open dialogue with your child about what happens in their classroom.  Ask them specific questions and really try to dig into what they engaged with during their work periods.  

SAB Baptism_GetAlongGang

I hope you guys are having a wonderful start to the school year.  Sydney and Jeremiah are doing well.  I thought I would share with you some wonderful news, Sydney was baptized last weekend!  She had to go through a baptism interview at church a month ago and she passed with flying colors.  She was so excited.  Below is the video (its only a minute long).  I also attached a picture of the get along gang prior to the baptism.

But I just wanted to share because you guys were an integral part in her early Christian walk.  I thank God for you guys helping to raise my children with solid Christian principles.   Thanks and hopefully I will see you guys at the next Spirit Night.  You didn’t think that you guys would get rid of us did you?!

Thanks and you guys have a great weekend!

Rebekah W Brooks

I want everyone involved in the young man’s success to know that we are thankful for his strong foundation.

Folks always ask how he could be a senior and be so much younger than his classmates, and we reply “Lake Norman Day School”. We are well, and he has about 15 great offer for college! We thank God and those involved from the beginning!

Kevin & Lisa