School Uniforms

All Primary level students at Christian Montessori School are required to wear uniforms to school. School uniforms colors are Navy and Khaki and must be obtained from our official uniform provider from the link below.

  • Boys uniform are slacks, shorts, monogrammed short and long sleeve polo shirts, and sweater/sweater vests.
  • Girls uniform are skirts, jumpers, slacks, shorts, monogrammed short and long sleeve polo shirts, and sweaters/sweater vests.
  • Monogrammed sweatshirts and sweatpants are acceptable in navy
  • Shoes are to be soft-soled navy blue, black or brown. White athletic tennis shoes are permissible. Shoes with blinking lights and cartoon characters are not permissible due to the distractions they cause in the classroom.
SAB Baptism_GetAlongGang

I hope you guys are having a wonderful start to the school year.  Sydney and Jeremiah are doing well.  I thought I would share with you some wonderful news, Sydney was baptized last weekend!  She had to go through a baptism interview at church a month ago and she passed with flying colors.  She was so excited.  Below is the video (its only a minute long).  I also attached a picture of the get along gang prior to the baptism.

But I just wanted to share because you guys were an integral part in her early Christian walk.  I thank God for you guys helping to raise my children with solid Christian principles.   Thanks and hopefully I will see you guys at the next Spirit Night.  You didn’t think that you guys would get rid of us did you?!

Thanks and you guys have a great weekend!

Rebekah W Brooks

I want everyone involved in the young man’s success to know that we are thankful for his strong foundation.

Folks always ask how he could be a senior and be so much younger than his classmates, and we reply “Lake Norman Day School”. We are well, and he has about 15 great offer for college! We thank God and those involved from the beginning!

Kevin & Lisa